July 31, 2013

Dear espn.com

Thanks for providing us with this poll. I couldn't agree more. The Rays are about 50 billion times better than the Sox. That is all.  

July 30, 2013

Sometimes Funny Things Happen

So I'm at work. I get a text from Brooke's husband Mark.
What is your specialty?

To which I reply:
Family Practice, but I currently work in trauma

To which he replies:
I meant do you make a mean green jello salad?

Wait, what?

Oh yeah, I offered to bring a side dish to her birthday party.

Everything is awesome.

July 23, 2013


I don't actually have OCD, but I can be a little quite compulsive at times. For example, I searched long and hard on the interweb until I found the perfect white hangers at Shopko.com and I bought 60 of them because I was so concerned I might not be able to find them again and I can't live without white hangers. Uh....

July 22, 2013

What happens when you try to photograph a child.

First he hides.
 Then he looks at his mom.  
Then he climbs around on everyone.  
 Then he closes his eyes, 
 and opens them just in time for everyone else to look away. 
In other news, aren't my brothers attractive?

July 8, 2013

I lived for almost 2 weeks without the internet, and I didn't die

In the meantime, the nephew got a new pair of Jordan's, but if you ask him about them, he'll tell you they aren't Jordan's, they are HIS.